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We have a number of products which are currently available for purchase and trial. They are listed below:

SmartGraduate 2013

We are finally handshaking our graduates who seek to obtain scholarships to pursue Postgraduate degree or who aspire to get their dream jobs.

Today, the competition is high when it comes to both scholarships and jobs. With SmartGraduate, you are a step ahead of the rest. This gives you a better chance of obtaining that which you seek.

SmartGraduate has the ability to simulate Computer Based Ability Testing which has grown to prominence lately in this side of the world. In addition, you can prepare for any scholarship or job screening test at the comfort of your home but with the feel of the live exam scenario.

With over 40,000 questions and answers with full explanations from different subject areas including Aptitude, Verbal reasoning, Current affairs and General questions (which are known to be the highest occurence in scholarships and jobs screening testing), you are on your way to coming out a success.

SmartGraduate is not constrained to ability testing, it has rich content that prepares you for Jobs, Scholarships and Postgraduate studies. The content covers the following areas:

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SmartSkool (formerly known as CAMS)

SmartSkool, formerly known as Computerized Academic Management System is a software built for Secondary and Pre-Secondary schools (Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Primary Schools). It helps in School Application, Admission, Result Management, Staff Management, Student Management, and School Administration.

SmartSkool is generally built to seamlessly integrate with both Government and Private Schools.

SmartSkool is a computerized academic management system designed to simplify school administrative duties, and make mathematically based works and summations extremely easy and accurate. SmartSkool also has the capacity to assess students' performances as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate our famous SmartAttendance and SmartSkoolOnline applications which adds to SmartSkool the ability to track the attendance of teachers and students and be accessible from anywhere in the world respectively.

With SmartSkool, the era of delays in scores, result compilations, and result generation are over, as it is able to generate the result report of an entire school (from pre-nursery to senior secondary schools) in record time from pre-entered data.

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SmartLearn JAMB/POST-UME 2016 (PC & Mobile)

SmartLearn JAMB is an e-learning tool that help those preparing for JAMB and POST-UME to prepare for the exam in a computer environment. Not only does is give you comfort at the luxury of your home, it has also got over 25,000 questions (and counting) with full explanations to teach you what you need to know to become a success. It has been well crafted with international standards to enhance your overall experience.

At Ratelsoft we ensure that our users get the most experience of a product with professionally crafted solutions and services to compete at any level.

SmartLearn JAMB was designed with the feel of the most popular application you can find on all windows systems - Microsoft word. This was purposely done to ensure that our users will instantly be familiar with the SmartLearn JAMB Application environment and will need little or no instructional manual to get started.

We have also made sure that the user is in control by providing several themes which you can change based on your look and feel on a particular day.

As JAMB ventures into CBT, it is highly expedient that preparations be done in same environment - the Computer environment. Preparing in a similar environment guarantees speed, confidence and the experience you need to gain the success you so deserve. SmartLearn JAMB 2016 simulates the overall JAMB experience and guarantees that success of yours. The 2016 version comes with several added features including games to improve your learning curve.

To download the software or for more information visit the SmartLearn JAMB Page.

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SmartCampus is a software bundle built for Post-Secondary Schools/Institutions. The bundle is a combination of an offline software that relates seamlessly with an online "cloud" service in the form of "Software as a Service" (SaaS). This is done to ensure that even with network failure, work can still be done on the system and results will still be available to access and to insert/update. The technology behind this brings speed to the work process which could be affected if the process was completely online due to network traffic overhead that can considerably affect the work speed.

Nevertheless, We try as much as possible to satisfy the client by giving the client what the client requires/requests. We have also built a system that operates fully on the internet which works exactly like the two-way software and delivers optimally as required.

SmartCampus has been tailored to suit the following:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Polythechnics

SmartCampus is both an offline and an online software bundle. It extends SmartSkool's Features but tailored for higher institutions.

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SmartAttendance FP (Fingerprint) Module

SmartAttendance is built for businesses, companies, and schools who wants to make their work place smarter by keeping track of the punctuality of staffs and workers.

SmartAttendance is highly flexible and can fit into any existing system including our other products that you might be interested in acquiring.

SmartAttendance FP is the fingerprint module of SmartAttendance. Development is currently on to extends this to other biometric means of identification.

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