Our Esteemed Marketers

Product Marketing

Are you interested in becoming a marketer for any or all of our products? Are you already a marketer for some other company and you will like to know the advantages you will derive from marketing ours?

First of all, we are proud of our products; our current customers and marketers can tell you more. Most of our products are FREE to download and try so you have nothing to fear when it comes to payments. When you have fully tested the product, we are sure you won't hesitate to ask for the product license.

Secondly, you get the chance of obtaining up to 50% discount on every purchase you make from us. In other words, we sell to you at half the price. Most of our marketers even go as far as selling more than the amount we sell so if you find yourself in that position, it means you will get the chance to even make more profit than we do. This we do because our marketers are special.

Thirdly, you get the chance to customize your application which you intend to market with your company logo and information, making users feel like the application was developed by your company*. You also get the chance to choose the application look and feel and also tailor the application to your taste*. Infact we put you in charge of the whole process.

Fourthly, you own a dedicated interface which you can login to find out about the products you are marketing, the bonuses you are entitled to, the number of users who have purchased products from you, their details, and the number of licenses that has been used and unused.

As a marketer, you are entitled to free technical support. Just give us a missed call and we will surely call back and aid you. You also receive tips on how to better sell and explain the products to your prospective clients which can span from individuals to schools.

You also have the ability to make suggestions on the products and see them effected and updated just for you, well, maybe for everyone as well but be sure to see them effected. You also get direct contact and preferential attention from our staffs.

In addition to all these, you can even signup to be a Gold Marketer and you can be listed on our site as a partner + marketer. This can make you realise more customers.

We know you're like:

Now with all these benefits and many more, would'nt you rather partner with us? we're sure you will.

*: Terms and conditions apply.

WOW I love this, what next?

Still asking what next? The next thing is to call in and order for your first set of licenses. After which all other information regarding your marketing arrangement will be setup and forwarded to you.

To become a marketer now, or to find out more, please contact us.

Marketing Plans

Our current marketing plans for all products are as follows:

10-30 = 10% discount
31-50 = 15% discount
51-70 = 20% discount
71-80 = 25% discount
81-100 = 30% discount
101-200 = 35% discount
Above 200 = 40% discount