About Ratelsoft Nigeria Limited

About Our Company

Ratelsoft Nigeria Limited is a registered CAC Company in Nigeria with the mission to make life smarter. We are built of young minds who have vowed to change the ICT and educational sectors in Africa by developing internationally accepted solutions that can compete at any level.

We pride ourselves on two things - Trust and Transparency. Whatever we do would always be a functions of these two things. We understand that our job most atimes are sensitive and client oriented and we treat them as such.

We know we are the best, we believe we are the best and our work can speak for us. Whatever your ICT needs might be, we know we can handle it with professionalism and integrity.

The word "Ratel" comes with the meaning - Confidence. We are confident that you will not be dissapointed even as our other clients are not.

Web Application Development

We develop data driven professional web sites and web applications to suit any need. We have lots of features that can greatly boost your websites and that can guarantee you the traffic you so desire.

With Ratelsoft's Smart-Improve, we can improve on your existing webpages with standard designs, cutting edge web principles and industry standard technologies.

Mobile Application Development

At Ratelsoft Nigeria Limited, we chew the competitions when it comes to applications development.

Mobile Applications are in no way an exemption to this, we develop mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia and Java Phones even to Smart TV's.

Software & Game Development

If you are looking to obtain a custom software for your business, company, school or church, you are definitely at the right place.

Do you have an idea of a game you will like to develop?, Do you have an already existing game you will like to build for the PC or for Mobile? We have built several games for most of our clients and we can as well do that for you.

Try us and see...our works can only tell you better.

We guarantee a 100% refund policy when it comes to this.

ICT Consultancy Services

Let us examine your current business setup and proffer a better solution that will improve productivity and efficiency in your business.

We can train your staffs on different sectors of the ICT industry, ranging from Software Development to Mobile Application Development, to Web Development and even General ICT knowledge.

Our Mission

Making life Smarter

Our Vision

  • Contribute Immensely to bringing Africa's Educational system to the forefront.
  • Be the leading ICT service provider in Nigeria.
  • Be the leading ICT service provider in Africa.


How We Intend to Achieve This?

  • Company Integrity.
  • Client Satisfaction.
  • Developing Industry Standard Solutions.
  • Developing Efficient Solutions through regular staff and client criticisms
  • Developing Solutions with elegant user interfaces with user friendly implementation
  • Improving user experiences by providing free technical support, feedback and solution upgrades