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If you ever need to conduct an e-Assessment, e-Testing or e-Examination, and you need a solution which would be installed on just one computer but runs on several other computers (from a few computers to thousands) then SmartExaminer is just what you need. Tests/Examinations can be on an intranet network or over the internet - You are the boss.

SmartExaminer Designer

SmartExaminer Designer is the application responsible for building questions for use on SmartExaminer.

SmartExaminer Designer is a very flexible application which can be used to build custom questions to your taste. Currently, questions are multi-choice only. However, developments are actively on for several other question types as can be seen from the application itself.

SmartExaminer Manager

SmartExaminer Manager is the central application responsible for exam and examinee management and a whole lot more.

SmartExaminer Manager is the management application for the entire package. This application can send commands to the SmartExaminer Client application and also communicates with the Ratelsoft Applications Server.

SmartExaminer Client

SmartExaminer Client is the application which examinees would use to take the Exam or Test.

SmartExaminer client is started from the web browser but pulls out of the browser. This ensures that closing the web browser would not close the application. This application is a Java web start application and requires that Java version 1.7 or above be installed on all client computers.

SmartExaminer Inspector

This Application is provided as a failsafe in some unforseen circumstances.

This App is a run-only App that allows an admin to see all reports stored on a client machine. The reports can be generated in PDF and Excel formats. The Excel formats can be imported to the manager as-is for proper aggregation.



Ratelsoft Applications Server


This is the fifth Application in the SmartExaminer bundle. This is the application which manages all Ratelsoft's server enabled applications

In the case of SmartExaminer, this application hosts the SmartExaminer client and ensures that all clients can have access to the application. This application runs on a dedicated port and creates a web server which can be accessed from the web browser on multiple client systems.



Downloading, Installing & Licensing


SmartExaminer is a 5-in-1 software package. All applications are available for FREE except the SmartExaminer Manager which is the only licensed application in the bundle.

It is important to know how each application performs and how you can install them. Application can be installed individually or as a bundle.

SmartExaminer Client is installed as a module on the Ratelsoft Applications server and MUST be installed on the same system which the Ratelsoft Applications server is being/has been installed on. If you do not know what to do, just download the bundle including both the Ratelsoft Applications Server software and the SmartExaminer Client. The individual installation for SmartExaminer Client is for those who already have installed the Ratelsoft Applications Server from another application and only needs the SmartExaminer Client module to be installed atop it.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT try to reinstall the SmartExaminer Client Module on a system already having the module as you may override data already created by you during usage.

All other applications in the package can be installed on any amount of computers you require.


Current Version: 1.2.1 (Release Date: 26th February, 2016)


S/N Application Size Download
1 All in One (Ratelsoft Applications Server + SmartExaminer Designer + SmartExaminer Manager + SmartExaminer Client) 155MB
2 Ratelsoft Applications Server + SmartExaminer Client 123MB
3 SmartExaminer Designer 40MB
4 SmartExaminer Manager 53.3MB
5 Ratelsoft Applications Server 113MB
6 SmartExaminer Client 8.88MB
7 SmartExaminer Inspector 15MB


SmartExaminer Manager licensing is done on a per connection basis. By connections, we mean the number of asynchronous examination from clients which would be allowed. In other words, how many clients/examinees can be connected at any given time for an exam session.

Please NOTE that by default, pricing is on a per installation basis (one server computer). This means that normally, the licensing is for one installation of SmartExaminer Manager. It is to be noted that one installation of SmartExaminer Manager can manage thousands of client PC's.

If you are a school, institution or organization that requires this application to be installed on all PC's of teachers, lecturers or workers, you can send us a message informing us of your detailed requirements and the number of estimated PC's which the application would be installed on and we would give you a quotation for your range. If you also need a custom amount of connections, you can send us a message, telling us the exact number of connections you require and we would respond with the cost for your requirement.

If you wish to obtain a license for the software, please send us a message and define your needs, stating the number of client computers and the number of licenses (server computers) you would need. We would respond to your mail and provide a quotation based on your request and call you if needed.




What's new in Version 1.2.0?


- The Java security settings which had to be configured on all client systems have been eliminated, making it way easier to set and manage CBT exams.

- SmartExaminer now includes Java packed with the App. You can install Java from the App launch page in all client PC's without having to copy from one system to the other.

- SmartExaminer Designer now has support for importing questions from text files. You can also copy questions/exams from other designer project files.

- The value/mark of questions in SmartExaminer designer can now be customized. Question can now carry different marks.

- Reports in SmartExaminer Manager can now be exported in PDF as well as Excel formats.

- Exam Reports in SmartExaminer Manager can be exported and imported across different SmartExaminer installations. This is best if you have different exam centres and wish to collate all results from all centres.

- For smaller screens, SmartExaminer Client now has the option of creating more exam space by hiding the top bar.

- General improvements, bugs and typos fixes.




Training, Forum & Videos


We are very much aware that SmartExaminer can be a very complex application if not guided. This has made us to create tutorial videos for the application on our Youtube channel. You should subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when new tutorial videos are created especially due to requests from users. You can also visit the online forum to find out more. We also offer training in our offices. You can contact us if you need training. We offer trainings remotely as well as training on site.

There are several video playlists which should help you understand how the application works. You can find them here:

If you wish to download the videos to your computer, you can follow the links below:




General Information


If you wish to install SmartExaminer individually, Ratelsoft Applications Server should be installed first followed by the SmartExaminer Client. You can then install the others at will.

SmartExaminer Manager and the Ratelsoft Applications Server software can be installed on different systems and would work just fine. However, if speed is highly critical, you may wish to install both of them on the same computer.

Any modern computer/laptop can be used as your server computer. For better performance, we recommend a minimum specification of 2GB RAM, 2.0GHz dual core processor and 3GB free hard drive space.

SmartExaminer Manager is the only software in the entire package that requires a license. You can deactivate and reactivate the application anytime you feel like. Please NOTE that you should deactivate the application first before carrying out any task like formatting your computer.

If you have any issues during the usage of the application or you wish to learn more, please visit our forum to get help.

If you need more information, you can send a mail to info[at] or call us on +2348061595590